3 Times You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Pain

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With the hectic pace of everyday life, many of us are tempted to ignore our day-to-day aches and pains. However, what might seem like something that is not a big deal can quickly snowball into a much more painful, and time-consuming, problem if ignored. Finding the right pain management doctor in Orlando is important when you are trying to understand what types of pain should be treated. The following three types of pain should never be left unchecked:

Pain in One Calf

If you feel sudden pain in one calf, especially if this is a sharp pain, it might be indicative of a condition called Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). This usually happens after long periods of sitting, long flights, or even surgical procedures. DVT creates a blood clot which might become dislodged from its original location and become lodged in the lungs, heart, or brain where it can potentially be fatal.

To prevent DVT, you might consider wearing compression socks. However, if you feel a sharp or searing pain in one calf you should seek medical treatment immediately. This will likely feel different from typical exercise-related leg pain, and might feel warm or tender. Additionally, your leg might have some discoloration.

Pain Associated with Fever and Chills

Any time you have pain associated with a fever and/or chills, you likely have an infection. For example, if you have lower back pain when you do not usually and begin experiencing a fever and chills, it is likely that you have a kidney infection. If you experience pain in your abdomen coupled with a fever and breathlessness, you might be experiencing appendicitis or another infection that shouldn’t be ignored.

If you feel these symptoms, you should seek help immediately as they may be life-threatening.

Joint Pain

It’s a common misconception that joint pain is just a regular part of aging. In some cases, joint pain can be indicative of another problem, or can worsen without treatment. For example, searing pain in your big toe might signal that you actually have gout, which can make you more prone to kidney stones and kidney infections. Joint pain might also be a symptom of arthritis or a deficiency of vitamins, as well as overly repetitive motions.

If you’re experiencing ongoing pain, you don’t need to suffer. There are many ways to effectively treat different types of pain, including many on this list. You are likely wondering “where can I find the best pain management doctors near me?” If you have chronic pain, schedule an appointment with Dr. Neil Patel. He and his team of specialists can help find the cause of your pain and find the right treatment method for them.

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