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Cancer Pain

Cancer pain can be caused by the cancer itself, from the cancer growing into or destroying nearby tissue, the cancer pressing on nerves, bones, or organs, or from certain treatments, such as surgery and chemotherapy. Dr. Patel provides treatment for a number of painful conditions resulting from or related to cancer, including neuropathy and metastatic bone disease.

Treatment for cancer pain varies depending on specific factors, including the type of cancer, but patients typically benefit from a combination of treatment options, such as radiation, medications, and nerve block.

Neck & Back Pain

Dr. Patel provides pain management for painful cervical (neck), thoracic (mid-back), and lumbar (lower back) conditions, such as herniated discs, facet joint arthritis, stenosis, and compression fractures. Many of these conditions arise as a result of the natural “wear and tear” of the spine or degeneration over time; however, possible causes may include trauma and whiplash as well.

Treatment ranges from non-invasive therapy, such as medication and physical therapy, to minimally invasive options, such as steroid injections and nerve block. Depending on the severity of your condition, kyphoplasty or spinal cord stimulation may also be beneficial.

Nerve Pain

Nerve pain can be caused by a wide variety of factors from diabetes to degenerative joint disease. As such, Dr. Patel treats a diverse array of conditions in this category, including diabetic neuropathy, chronic pancreatitis, phantom limb pain, and peripheral nerve entrapment.

The first priority in treatment will be to address the underlying disease before moving to provide long-term relief for the nerve pain. Common treatment options include lumbar sympathetic block, spinal cord stimulation, and dorsal root ganglion stimulation.

Joint Pain

Joint pain is any discomfort, inflammation, or pain arising from any point of a joint, including the bone and cartilage. As with the other types of pain, Dr. Patel provides treatment for a wide range of conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), and osteoarthritis.

Treatment options are designed to identify the underlying condition that’s responsible and provide long-term relief for your pain. Dr. Patel offers a number of interventional modalities for this purpose, such as joint injection and cooled radiofrequency denervation.

Head & Shoulder Pain

Head and shoulder pain largely occurs as a result of trauma, whiplash, osteoarthritis, nerve/spinal column compression, multiple sclerosis, and inflammation. Dr. Patel treats a number of conditions within this category, including but not limited to occipital neuralgia, migraines, shoulder pain, and cervicogenic headaches.

Since treatment options will vary depending on the type and severity of your pain, Dr. Patel offers a variety of different nerve blocks, steroid injections, and stimulators to provide you with long-term relief. If you are awaiting elective surgery for any of these conditions, we would be glad to see you first to relieve your pain prior to surgery.

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