How Can a Pain Clinic Near Me Treat My Chronic Pain?

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When most people think of pain, they think of the sharp, shooting sensation that occurs when they twist their leg the wrong way during a soccer game or even accidentally bump their elbow on the corner of a table while walking to the kitchen — this is what’s known as acute pain. It comes on suddenly, is caused by something specific like a cut or broken bone, doesn’t last very long, and goes away when the underlying cause has been treated. Unfortunately, more than 40 million people in the United States are affected by a much different type of pain we often don’t consider known as chronic pain.

Chronic pain is any pain that persists longer than three months and typically continues after the underlying illness or injury has healed or gone away. This type of pain has been linked to a number of conditions, including fibromyalgia and cancer. People who experience chronic pain often experience a myriad of other symptoms, such as inability to move around, depression, anxiety, lack of energy, and more. If you, like many other Americans, have been wondering, “How could a pain clinic near me could help treat my chronic pain?” Continue reading to learn more.

Initial Consultation Provided By One of the Pain Management Doctors Near Me

When you visit one of the pain management doctors near me, like Neil Patel, M.D., in Orlando, the first step he will take towards the treatment of your chronic pain is to complete an initial consultation. This process may include a physical exam, interview regarding your medical history, diagnostic tests, a pain assessment and more. The goal is to establish an accurate diagnosis and identify any and all possible causes of the pain you’re experiencing.

A new diagnosis will almost always prompt a different treatment approach, which is why it’s so important to accurately identify and target the cause of your pain in this initial consultation. For example, although migraines and occipital neuralgia both fall under the category of facial and head pain, the preferred method of pain management varies for each condition. For migraines, we’ll recommend avoidance of environmental triggers, dietary changes, and injections, whereas for occipital neuralgia, we’ll largely recommend nerve block, radiofrequency, and nerve stimulation.

Customized Treatment Plan to Reduce Pain and Improve Function

Once the source of your pain has been identified, a pain clinic near me will move to treat your chronic pain by performing a full evaluation and providing you with a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. Each and every individual experiences pain differently, so some patients may not need all aspects of treatment while others may need a full range of to achieve the best possible outcome. A pain management physician like Dr. Patel will also ensure that the treatment plan is designed to be adjusted based on your progress so that you are capable of achieving the most desirable long-term pain management results.

Treatment plans will look different depending on the individual and the type of pain you’re experiencing; however, a treatment plan will always take the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of pain into consideration. Ideally, the goal is to help you return to your normal daily activities with improvements in your ability, mood, and quality of life. If you feel as if you could benefit from pain management for your chronic pain, don’t hesitate to reach out to a pain management physician near you like Dr. Patel today.

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